My name is Aarti Kapadia and I am a CPA and the owner of A.K. Accounting and Tax PLLC. Prior to starting my own firm, I spent several years in Corporate America in a variety of continually progressive roles in Finance and Accounting, including financial planning and analysis, investment management, systems implementation and business analytics. This diversity in experience really enriched my skills and made me a rounded and strategic problem solving professional.

While surveying business owners, I realized that entrepreneurs wear so many hats and are so busy dealing with day-to-day operations that they may have blind spots in strategic areas and financial decisions (especially around cash management). This was particularly true for businesses under $10 million in revenue and at the cusp of growth. Most lacked tools taken for granted in large companies (like break-even analysis, operational profitability analysis, cash management and working capital scenarios).

Armed with skills acquired in the corporate world, I started my CPA practice in 2014 on the principle of personal client service and bringing tools that are taken for granted in large organizations to the small business owner. The goal was to empower these small businesses with better reporting and analytics along with traditional accounting services so they can make informed decisions.

Outside of work, I also serve on the board of a local entrepreneurial CPA group and am a Venture Devils mentor at ASU for student, faculty and community-based entrepreneurs.

My staff and I are proud and passionate of the work we do. We work closely with business owners to ensure that we are in constant communication with you so that there are no surprises at year end.

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